Labor & Industries Home Inspection Training

The Washington state Department of Labor and Industries  has approved our Seattle based Home Inspection Training Program for many years. It has been successful and is one of the few programs with a successful outcome for many older people looking for a new career in their life. Many injured workers are young as well, and they have begun a new career and self employment, and later found good steady jobs in government and the private sector. Persons interested in this program should contact Mike Pederson @ 425-319-5783 or 800-583-5821 for further information. Contact your retraining counselor and give them the approval number (#0173338) and NARIES Telephone Number .425-319-5783 or 800-583-5821 A meeting may be set up with you,  your counselor and myself to discuss your entry into the program. Please call with any and all questions you may have at any time. 

The classes meet once a week at least (3) weeks a month for (30) weeks to fulfill the Washington State regulations for licensing of Home Inspectors. This is (120) hours of classroom training as required by law, and more assuring you that you will be experienced and qualified to provide professional Home Inspections for money without worrying about your ability and qualifications. Their are homework inspection and report writing assignments included. This is approximately (10) months of training time and you will be thoroughly trained and certified to provide professional services.

NARIES professional Standards include  NARIES Standards of Practice,  NARIES Code of Ethics and NARIES Inspection format and format for report writing. All three of these are transparent and overlay one another so anyone can read the report follow the inspection and understand the use of the Standards in the sequence of the inspection. Washington state Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics will be included as well.